Duellist hailing from Edinburgh, is rapidly becoming widely recognised within the techno community for its energetic industrious overtones sets.

Youthful musical devotion was initially bestowed upon Michael Jackson and New Order until his auditory path took a vastly different direction after getting heavily into grunge and metal listening to bands like Metallica, Nirvana and White Zombie and many others.

Utilising Ableton as his main tool. However, things progressively became stale for him from relentlessly staring at a screen, constantly editing. Nowadays he incorporates hardware and controllers which integrate with the DAWs to produce a more organic sound. He can now jam much more freely when creating, “it’s became fun again” he says with huge enthusiasm. This unbounding enthusiasm Duellist exudes has seen him appear on various labels including Decoy Records, Labrynth, Nightmare Factory Records, OBSCUUR and RIOT Radio Records.

His rampant DJ sets are often heard in underground clubs across Europe but his live Pa’s are rarer in number as he’s been vigorously locking down his set to an intricately fine point to unleash once truly ready …………….. be prepared.

Techno / Industrial Techno

Decoy / Labrynth / Obscuur
Pitch Dark / Drec

Edinburgh (Scotland)

DJ sets
Live sets