1. appearing or seeking to appear simple and unsophisticated a faux-naïf narration
1. a person who pretends to be naïve


faux naïf has a particular view on club music. Under her Faux Naïf alias she digs for records often outside of the electronic spectrum, often championing the lesser known sounds of EBM, Tropical Goth, Synth & Post Punk. Her broad tastes in these genres mostly stems from the 80s and typically dark in sound, she takes as much influence from British groups like The Cure, Coil and the Cocteau Twins as she does any electronic producer.

Faux Naif supports these sounds on her radioshow on Threads Radio located at the London venue the Cause and also through her own parties M II M (mouthiimouth), with her most recent events headlined by body music artists SARIN, Parrish Smith, Volition Immanent , DVA Damas, Human Performance Lab, Zanias and the Flesich Collective.

Recent performances have had her playing alongside artists such as Silent Servant, Ancient Methods, Adam X, Broken English Club, Death In Vegas, I Hate Models, Violet Poison and Ugandan Methods.

EBM / Body Music / Techno / Post Punk

MIIM (mouthiimouth)

London (UK)

DJ sets