Joseph McGeechan is a music artist originally from Glasgow, who now lives in Berlin producing under two different aliases. Formerly one half of the Glasgow techno act BCR Boys, from 2008 till the end of the project in 2012, which saw releases on labels like Synewave, Perc Trax, Sleaze and Prosthetic Pressings.

After this project concluded Joseph continued to produce as iFormat. Soon after this his first iFormat album was released on Nachtstrom Schallplatten, along with his Failed By The Conformist EP as Joseph McGeechan, which featured an Ancient Methods remix on Prosthetic Pressings. Joseph has continued to produce music with both of these aliases, more recently he released his second iFormat album on Local Sound Network, future releases are also planned on Wunderblock, Taro Records, Trialz Records and Obscuur Records.

iFormat has a darker, more aggressive, industrial sound. Heavily influenced by the sinister and eerie soundscapes of sci-fi and horror movies, these give a disturbing sense of foreboding to McGeechan’s dystopian, post-punk exploration of the decay of society.

Techno / Industrial Techno

Synewave / Local Sound Network
Prosthetic Pressings / Pitch Dark

Berlin (Germany)

DJ set
Live set